Shoes that make you proud

On the way to meet my language partner, I made a quick stop at a shoe boutique 200 meters from my house.  It was still before 8:00pm, and it wasn’t Shabbat, so in a rare occurrence, my local store was finally open for business for me!

And there they were, the most wonderfully obnoxious, attention-demanding, pair of wedges I’d ever seen. A match made in heaven!  I asked for my size, slipped my foot in like Cinderella, and fell deeply in love.  “They’re amazing.  How much?”  Crap, I think, they’re expensive.  Really expensive.  I double, triple asked if this was the final, FINAL price after the sale markdown.  “Yes,” she confirmed. Completely unapologetic, I persisted with, “There’s nothing you can do?  Didn’t you mention this is the last pair? 10% off if I pay in cash?”  Haggling is a way of life in Israel.  Only foreigners forgo these local business practices.  In Israel, you’re a doormat if you don’t at least try.

Anyways, I whip out the the pep talk to myself as I approach the register.  You know which little internal conversations I am talking about!!  It goes something like this:

“Beata, it’s just money.  Why do you work so hard if you’re not going to spend it on yourself? Money circulates: if you don’t spend it, you’ll never have it.  You don’t have a pair like this, not even close.  This is the time to look your best.  When, if not now?? YOU DESERVE IT!!”
Making my way down the office hall the next day, I stopped at each room and just stood there like a statue until my new shoes were noticed.  Yes, it was wonderfully obnoxious and attention-demanding in every way.  Women began to squeal, causing others to run out to see what’s going on.  It was exactly as if a colleague brought in their newborn.  Or in my case, head-turning, stunning twins. Mommy is very proud.

7 thoughts on “Shoes that make you proud

  1. This is the most fun article about shoes that I’ve ever read! Bad influence though – I now earn to upgrade my shoe collection with something controversial!

  2. Anya Krits lesser half here (aka man).

    Girl, I love the thoughts on those shoes, engagingly written, and more beautifully felt…….. but really this is a message for the boys.

    I’m a man, but I love women’s shoes. The colours, the shapes, the unadultered style and sin of Christian Loubouin lifts me (kind of). But guys, what is more important is what it does to your woman. Its simply a great deal to buy your girl shoes, proper girl shoes.
    Look, a good bag (purse in USA) is gonna cost £1500 maybe more, but a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals is ca £250, and you get the same reaction. And its a reaction from your moll that’s worth having. She’s gonna love you so much more, and more importantly (to you) she’s gonna give you so much more luvvin……….. So, guys get with the programme, get out there and buy some shoes for your girl. You might even help the Euro, the Dollar,US GDP, the FED and poor old Mr Obama to boot.

    Of course, to be a real master you need to know your girls size in each different brand – top tip – Gucci tend to come up smaller……

    Buy shoes men, best investment you’ll ever make

    A man

    ps the effect is amplified if you actually take her to the shop (rather than just give her £200), coo and ooh about the shoes, and buy her a glass of wine afterwards…….I promise the results are worth every minute and every penny.

    • Ian, all I have to say to your response is, AMEN BROTHER!!! I think the underlining message here is, love your women, give to your women, pay attention to details, and revel in her happiness. I would be happy to meet your younger brother ;).

    • Ian – Amen! We really need to make sure this message … your message of such wisdom…gets through to all men. Beautiful said!

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