Ain’t No Virgin

I had the most professional intentions coming to work this morning.  I began the day with apple-herb tea at my office desk, sifting through this week’s OK! magazine in search of our recent print ad, a campaign I manage.  Making my way to the back of the magazine where our ad is placed, I quietly detoured for the Brad Pitt interview and a photo montage of Kim Kardashians bachelorette parties (all 17 of them)!  But all my professionlism came to a screeching halt when I flipped a page and discovered two free samples of wax strips that read “Wax virgin?”!!!  Seriously?!! You talkin’ to me??? Pssshhh, I’ll show them who’s NOT a virgin in anything.  I just couldn’t freakin’ resist…

My legs were shaven, my armpits are lasered, so I went for the next appropriate body part – gotta keep it classy in the office – my arms.  I called over our ad trafficker, the lovely Anat, and said, “Yalla, let’s test these bad boys!”

Anat, a loyal colleague, doesn’t hesitate for a second, absorbs my psychoses like sugar in warm water, and walks over to apply her whizzy wax skills!!

Deep breathe…

BAMM!!!!! Wax virgin no longer!!

What better way to start the week than with hairless arms!