Spring Break at 29

You can never be too old for a proper spring break – in Amsterdam! Hop on your bike, stroll to a coffee shop, and entertain your munchies with some hot fries.  This was how I inaugurated my 29th birthday…a week long tribute to not getting too old for nuffin’!

This vacation was more than just a milestone traveling with Yonatan for the first time (who by the way is a former resident of Amsterdam).  It was more than just an awesome way to celebrate my birthday.  And not just any old get away to near-by Europe.

This vacation broke my intense routine from work, a massive space in my life that reached a boiling point of frustration and indifference.  Leading up to March, I’d been enraged from the circumstances, then broke down, but finally in Amsterdam, I fully disengaged.

But my complaining and wailing were heard – from down the office halls to up above.  And upon my arrival back to work, I was let go.

In the last three years, I’ve been given a chance to start an exciting and lucrative career in Israel.  And this has empowered me very much both as a new immigrant and professional.  But in the next three months, I’m drawing empowerment from life’s rawest sources: love for the people in my life, gratitude for this pause, and for my inner and outer health.

So as it goes, this year’s spring break will be longer than just a week – and it begins today with a morning workout, purchasing tickets to San Francisco, writing, reading, and cooking.  But above all, today I say thank you for life’s twists and turns that mandate personal evolvement, which we’re never too old for, especially at a ripening 29 years of age.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break at 29

  1. Mazal tov on the new beginnings my love! Enjoy every second of your “spring break” and let me know if you need anything at all. Sending you lots and lots of love ❤

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