Playground Fashion

An old saying tells us, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.”  But upon spending a Saturday morning at Gan Meir, I’m taking the liberty to add on to these words of wisdom.

Gan Meir is an inner city park where the coolest of the cool congregate under the sun.  A chic gay center is nested among the trees, with a to-be-seen coffee shop extended from its entrance. There are benches for the wine sippers and a doggy area for their hairy accessories.  And, in the North-East corner of this urban habitat, a playground draws in its youngest Tel Avivians.  More than that, to my observation and excitement, the Gan Meir playground is a showcase for the most fashion forward parents I’ve ever seen!

Show me your what your mommy and daddy are wearing, and I’ll tell you about your city.

We often speak of Tel Aviv’s intoxicating “energy,”  which I define as mere youthfulness.  This city is the best anti-aging ointment on the market.  The culture, night life, entrepreneurialism, and a constant absorption of fresh blood all keep you on your toes!  Tel Aviv’s progressiveness allows us to recreate ourselves over and over again, from one teenage phase to another, well into our adult lives.

Effectively, this kind of “youth” breeds creativity and openness…such as a small city park that’s comprised of gay parents, black children, foreign families, countless languages, start-up yuppies, and tent-hugging hippies.  And as for their fashion – leather caps, vintage shoes, boutique knits – they are all just a manifestation of their permeating youth.

1 thought on “Playground Fashion

  1. Beata, the way you described the park in all details supported with beatifull images, made me feel like I was walking the park along with you.
    Thank you, great story.

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