Phone Play

Chose your soldier wisely, lady.  Make sure he’s handsome and elite.  He’ll lead you through a dangerous night of reckless fun. You’ll caress his weapon and praise his service. You’ll be shielded, and driven wild from his power.  He’s your undying hero…and you’ll gladly wait by the phone.

A few more hours, a few more days.  No answer.  No biggie!  I’ll just make the first move.  You must understand, he’s important.  He’s busy.  But, maybe I said something?  Oh shit, I probably didn’t say enough!! Did I not look good enough?? Did I not f*** hard enough???

This is an internal conversation that streams through the minds of thousands of women everyday.   And in this very state, we blur the black and whiteness of rejection into a pathetic shade of grey.  So much so, women will attribute invented excuses to the man, and use them as justification as to why he didn’t call.  It’s nothing short of psychosis, and once in a while, we’re all due for the little reality pill.

I say, so what if you downed seven shots of tequila at a night club in Tel Aviv?  You really think you’re a slut for putting out the first night? How dare you feel embarrassed for telling him what amazing chemistry you felt?  Because none of these things will alter real human attraction!!

If he wants you, he’ll call no matter what act of shame you think you’ve committed.  And if he doesn’t call, sister, he’s just not in to you.  Don’t try to understand why, and for G-d’s sake, don’t try to defend it by putting yourself down! That’s just an awful, awful waste of time!

Ladies, may your self-worth never be reduced by the silence of a phone.  May the soldiers salute you for who you are, and for who you’re not.  And, may we all embrace the beauty of black and white.

5 thoughts on “Phone Play

  1. Amen, sister!! B- I’m living vicariously through you, so keep em’ coming. You’ve got some mad creative writing skills. Xoxo E.

  2. Not a women, but wanted to comment:
    Very well written,a lot of mixed emotions: nicely wrapped, bitter-sweet, crunchy, slightly chilled and melts when you bite it: like pure 76% E. Guittard Chocolate bar.

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