Bliss List of 2011

This year was all around epic for my growth.  For the first seven months of 2011, I mourned a break up in a dark place.  Then I fell into a state of anxiety for being at lost with my life’s direction (I think they call it quarterly life crises).  But in the end, I was hit with bright strobe lights and a dancing heart.  So, here is what I learned about darkness and brightness in 2011…1. On life:  You wanna cry? Just freakin’ cry!  Feel like pitying yourself?  Go ahead, simmer in your sorrows.  You’ll eventually get bored from all of it and move onto something more rousing.  Nothing in this life is permanent, including our self-imposed bull shit.

2. On fun: We are all adults here…let’s finally break some rules!! Life happens when you’re a little naughty, a little humiliated, and a little nervous.  Life happens in the unknown.

3. On money: I am rich as hell, with plenty of “f*** you” money.  So this is what I’ve been telling myself lately (in an active state of gratitude for what I infact dohave), and guess what, the world is adjusting accordingly.

4. On weight loss: I am a sexy bitch.  I lost ten pounds this year because I’ve began to  care more about toxic ingestion than guilting myself for eating.  It’s not the calories, stupid, but rather the chemicals.

5. On friends: Chicks before dicks!!  There’s no blooming, no perspective, and no fun without women in your life. Give them your utmost devotion.

6. On music: It’s never too early in the morning to pretend you’re living in a musicvideo.  One good song will set the right tone for the rest of the day…rest of the year!

7. On sex: Love yourself in the act at least as much as the act of itself.  What is sex? What is pleasure?  It’s all you baby (mostly)!!

8. On work: When you don’t know what your trajectory is, and you don’t know what to do about it, do nothing.  Stand still so you won’t miss the opportunities unfolding before you.

9. On health: Drink a lot of water, don’t sleep too much, put on make up, and fake your good mood.

10. On happiness: Have an expensive bottle of whisky at home.  Smile at the elderly on the benches.  Keep your iTunes fresh.  And pray for others’ happiness.I’ve also learned that each big experience is hell of lot more powerful than the previous one.  And just when you think it can’t get any better, it always does.  This is why I have every reason to believe that 2012 will shock me all over again…new peaks, more might.

I wish you all an energetic new year, full of awesome surprises, unwavering health, and a dancing heart.

2 thoughts on “Bliss List of 2011

  1. Carrie Bradshaw, move over!
    just like the ending words of a “sex and the city” episode.
    light and fun, yet deep and introspective. Brings a tear to your eye but a smile to your lips.
    So personal but relevant for all women and pretty damn true as well!
    Have an amazing year, doll! love ya 🙂

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