Full Moon Party

Below is a guest entry from Judith – a dear friend, soul mate, sista’ from a different mista’.  Last night, under the breezy full moon, Judith and I laid out and simmered in a wave of optimism that we haven’t felt in months.  We were cooling off from the excruciating hurdles of this summer, where for the both of us, career, romance, and even our female relationships were all shaken.  But it’s already September 1, the month in which summer will end, the past will shed, and the new year’s brilliance awaits.  Judes, thank you for the inspiration, always…

I met Beata about three years ago while we were both waiting for the bus outside of ulpan. Almost instantly, I could feel the California vibrations radiating from her. We met briefly in that occasion, reminisced about California and parted ways. Upon my return to Israel in June 2011, we reconnected and almost instantaneously our life paths began to parallel.

We faced heartbreak in the same moment; we held one another up through a time of pain and healing. We faced similar traumas and triumphs. We understood the depth of one another’s emotion and the process of our mutual transformation. We supported one another through a bumpy and arderous journey of self-discovery. In our friendship we experienced moments of deep closeness, periods of separation, times of personal space, and moments of organic bond.

Last night, we found ourselves together again in the heart center of Tel Aviv- at Rabin Square, underneath the iconic triangular monument, under the full moon. Again, in the same moment, we are both at a crossroads in our lives, both of us contemplating leaving the city we’ve grown to love; the place where we experienced the most intense emotions, grown immensely and learned the true value of inner strength, family, and self fulfillment.


We were unexpectedly serenaded by a hopeful musician, while bathing under the potency of the full moon. It was under that majestic moon where we were reminded of the universe’s eternal fact – life is a cycle of constant change. The full moon, with its manic causing capacity- in it’s power to pull the tides, spark the female cycle, and ignite fertility- drives the inner force of transformation. Yet within these constant shifts and renewals, remains a comfortable familiarity.  Every month, the full moon will return.  And, the Mother Goddess will remind us of another permanent truth, rooted from the deep bonds we develop throughout our lives with our family and friends: the power of love is unshakable.

Judith is also a blogger!!! Check out her site at jujugypsy.blogspot.co.il

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