In San Francisco, my Jew fro’ was always an asset to my game…I stood out from the crowd…the boys loved it!  I twirled them around my little finger like I did with my hair.  In 7th grade, my nickname was “Curly,” and that was just badass! Contrast to the straight-hair Americana, my curls were attitude, loud, and best of all, ETHNIC!! Ethnic is cool, diversity is celebrated, and big is beautiful!!! Yeah!

So what’s the essence of my fro’ in the Jewish homeland – the homeland of the Jewish fro’?  I’ll tell you, REVULSION!! Twice this month, two guys blatantly declared that they would never be attracted to me because my hair reminds them of their Jewish mothers!!!  Now how the f**** do you back peddle from a remark like that?  I think I’d rather have been side-kicked in the ribs so I could more naturally excuse myself.  In this case, I squirted off a fake laugh, reached to play with my hair as a nervous habit, quickly stopped to not attract any more attention to the curls, and then resigned in a state of frizziness.

All I want to say to these grown men is that the next time you want to be fed, smothered, protected, and told what to do – but this time by a sexy diva – don’t think of me!!  I’ll be too busy pumping my locks with a curl intensifying leave-in conditioner and extra-volume hairspray!

8 thoughts on “Anti-Curlmites

  1. Don’t listen to the stupid fucks, sista!!!! They were insecure so much to tell you this, so you don’t need someone like them to stick around.
    Everybody loves my curls, and growing up I felt miserable, because of it. all my life I wanted strait hair. And I did, 5-6 years ago. And then everybody demanded that I’ll stop and come back to my beautiful curled hair 🙂
    And I did.

  2. Usually the guys like girls who remind them of their mother, although I hope not in my case :). So, the hell with them! You should be proud of who you are and what you look like! I think those losers tell you that because they want to bring you down. They see how strong you are, and they just can’t handle it. So my advice, be yourself. And I’m 100% certain that you will find a guy who will love you just the way you are :).

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