Coming Clean

I am a week away from completing a 21-day detox program, having eliminated all gluten, wheat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and ALCOHOL!  And no, I didn’t sign up for this just for good blog material.  It all started with an email from my brother-in-law Roman, who is a champion of healthy living, athleticism, and mega motivation.  I mean, this guy swims from Alcatraz in the piercing cold bay and finishes marathons in the scorching heat!!!  [Sigh], the new American generation, because it sure ain’t his seed-popping Russian side!

My grandma’s Russian-Jewish dangerously delicious table

Anyways, in Roman’s email, he bravely invited the whole family to participate together in this challenge after reading Clean by Alejandro Junger.  I say “bravely” because, after all, he was addressing Russian adults who immediately after breast milk were introduced to liver pate sprinkled with deep fried chicken skin, among other Soviet heart-attack delicatessens.  But I’m new-gen too! And I jumped on it, totally welcoming a new activity that would shut my little mouth from gnashing mindlessly and shedding a few pounds.  Oh yeah, and heaping all the health benefits that come with a detox too, which seem totally secondary in this sexy slim (and fiercely intimidating) Mediterranean society.

Saturday lunch!

I’m popping all sorts of crazy vitamins, eating organic meat, and jugging 3 liters of water a day.  I’ve lost six pounds and, yes, reach for my increasingly sharp hip bones first thing in the morning (oh shut up female readers, you know you do the same!!).  But above all, this detox is a lesson on self-love.  Sure, I am totally impressed with myself and love what I see in the mirror (on most days).  But, what good is our vanity if we neglect to love the very stuff that keeps us kicking in the first place…our biology.

So, these last two weeks were all about buying new clothes in a smaller size, boasting about my self control, and liberating my female addiction to crappy food.  But it was also about releasing hugs and kisses to my intestines, liver, and cells! I love them too, and like Beata on the exterior, they deserve only the best in life!

My new Sigal Dekel skirt. Favorite Israeli designer!

18 thoughts on “Coming Clean

  1. Fantastic job!!!! Super proud of you!!! You’re the first to have undertaken this challenge out of our entire family (myself included) so you’re now leading the pack with this motivational accomplishment. We’re beginning our cleanse on Sept 1, upon my return from Marik’s bachelor party in Cabo….after which every single one of my cells will much deservingly get cleansed!

    • Thank you so much love!!!! I didn’t want to do a mass email…I figured friends will discover it eventually on Facebook! :). I am really enjoying maintaing this blog. If you like it, recommend it to friends 🙂 and hit “Like” on the side of the page. Miss you and would REALLY love to catch up very soon.

  2. B – I have loved hearing about your journey through the cleanse…I remember on day 3 you said not sure if I can do it but will take it one day at a time…see your wisdom paid off! Well just one more week and you will have to hear about our journey and possible challenges. You will be my motivator! Love you much and see you (healthier cleaner version of you) in less than 6 weeks…the count down begins!

    • Thank you so much love. As I told to Roma, you will enjoy doing this detox together. The recipes are great, and dinner is made in 5 minute…and no dirty pots and pans either…just the magic blender :). Love you!!

    • Hey Carmel!!! So for my main course (my one solid meal for lunch), I’ve been eating brown rice and quinoa, salads, organic meat, and all kinds of yummy dips and dressings. As I said in previous recipes, the corresponding recipes in the book are outstanding!!! Last night, I had an amazing dish with mango and papaya salsa with lime-cilantro chicken. F’ing delicious!!!!! In the mornings, I have a fruit shake – every fruit under the sun (except for strawberries and bananas – don’t ask why, that’s what the book said), sometime with almond butter, or homemade but coconut or nut water). They are super filling!! And for dinner, I have a cold soup from the blender, like cucumber-avocado-mint. Again, easy and amazing recipes. You are also allowed to have two snacks between the meals, like a fruit, or nuts. Check out the book on amazon for more details!!!!

    • Thank you love!!!! Good luck on your detox!!! It seriously doesn’t have to be extreme. I really thought my program was very well balanced, and I intend on keeping many new habbits after next week. And, to answer one of Carmel’s questions below, I’ve saved a ton of money this month cutting back on alcohol, restaurants, and middless shuk shopping. It’s crazy!!! Anywyas, GOOD LUCK!!! So proud! Please keep me posted on everything!!!!

  3. Hey,

    This is awesome.
    Would you care to share your little secrets of what you do by writing out a little guide to follow or
    just forward the challenge email from Roman. 🙂 Much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hey babe, so the “challenge” (which was more like a push in the healthier direction) was just to simply introduce us to the detox and book “Clean” by Alejandro Junger, and then to do it together as a family. You can check out the book on Amazon.

  4. Did you finish your cleanse? Do you lose weight from such things at all? Well done! I am scared to try it – hate being hungry! I will definitely check out this book (btw I did not even recognize Roma when I saw him in SF in May this year! the last time I saw him was prob 2002-03!)
    It is very difficult to eat light meals in England in the fall / winter. It has been bloody cold so I crave lamb stews with potatoes and pies! But I am definitely going on a super duper detox/ cleanse/weight loss thing right before Mila’s wedding. We should all do it and support each other.

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