You Ready Be?

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I woke up on Monday to a major international news headline: Beyonce is pregnant!  Funny enough, just last week, I read an interview with her in OK! magazine (at my company, I manage our partnership with OK! and I receive free issues of their fabulous tabloid – yet another reason why I’m so popular among the girls in the office – I’m the gossip dealer)!  In the interview, Beyonce revealed, “I always said I’d have a baby at 30.”  And in such ways the universe works: if you know exactly what you want and by when, you’ll very likely receive it.

Jay-Z’s famous line in their “Bonnie and Clyde” duet rang in my head: “You ready B?”  The real question here being, am I ready for my 30th?  Do I know exactly what I want by then? How am I preparing to greet such a distinguished age with pride and empowerment?

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In another wonderful coincidence last week, I was strolling with friends in Yaffo.  Dazzled by the architecture, the old and the new, I bursted out, “F****, how do I get my foot into real estate??”  One of the friends from that evening owns an apartment in London, and the other one in Tel Aviv.  I was in good company to raise this topic.  And it was in this very conversation that my dear friends helped shine light on my mindless relationship with money.  Truthfully, I am in a position to save, and when assessing what the hell I’ve been doing with my money up until this point, I really can’t tell you.  I’ve just spent it…senselessly!  Following our little talk, I of course fell in an anxious frenzy, and for the rest of the weekend I sought therapy in excel sheets!  I’ve calculated that if I save (completely within reason) for the next two and a half years, scrounge for additional but insignificant help from family (or naturally the bank), I could very likely be a property owner by 30.

So there it is!  I doubt I’ll receive a world record of 8,900 Tweets per second once I announce my pregnancy…I mean property….but I will have that special glow, illuminating hell of a lot pride and empowerment behind those 30 candles.

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