Model Maniac

Models, I want to look like you.  And always have.  Spare me the Dove-like campaigns that tell us “real women” are soft around the edges.  No! Most of us are a tad chubby because we love butter and prefer cuddles over a jog!  My dear model, I don’t even care if your face is busted and a bridge can fit in between your two front teeth…you’re skinny…really skinny!  And that’s just damn hot! I try to mimic you when I pose for Facebook and chose my outfits, and I promise you, I’ve been trying to lose 10 pounds ever since…FOREVER!

So what the hell is a plus size 14 model doing all over this month’s Vogue?  She’s totally killing my skinny buzz.  But wait, oh my, would you look at that…she’s boosting my size 8 ego.  Thick and sexy? Gianni Versace is definitely rolling in his grave.  Is this permission to embrace my body?


Nope!!!! Don’t think so! Not when you’re competing for sex appeal with ten year old Thylane Loubry Blondeau.  Take a look at these photos from Elle (France).  Feeling like a pedophile? Yeah, me too. That’s kind of the point, because under normal circumstances, ten year old girls don’t give you the “fuck me” eyes!!

 Who’s more sick in the head? Me, little Lolita…or her parents?

Photo credits: Vogue Australia & Elle France

5 thoughts on “Model Maniac

  1. Awesome post…the pictures of the 10 year old are a little disturbing..this girl is too sexy and too beautiful not to feel like a pedophile when looking at her. She will be a stunner but parents should not have allowed these shots…10 years old is a bit young to be this sexy in front of so many. Regarding the size 14 model…yes B – it means it is time to embrace you and be the best that you can be. Not everyone can be 5′ 10′ 115 lbs, it is part genetics, part starvation, part healthy eating and exercise. We all just need to find that balance and know what is the best size for us and the key is to stay at that best you! As I have to told you before…you have all the answers within you..just listen to yourself more! Great post.

    • Thanks love!! I am sure you know I was being a little sarcastic about my self-perception. But, my point is that too many women feel too sorry for how they look, and don’t in fact choose healthier lifestyles that will actually make them lose weight and feel sexier. I am on that journey now, as you know, but more details for another post…

      If size 14 is hot…obviously so is 8 🙂

  2. Highly disturbed by the pics of the little girl. She is undoubtedly beautiful but those pictures are completely inappropriate. I would protect my daughter from even looking at those images.

    And I have a disdain for the use of the term ‘curves’ used in ‘real women’ campaigns such as the Dove one. Beyond has curves, j-lo has curves….and they have bodies to die for!! We shouldnt be using the term in a wayto justify that extra bit of unwanted wobble!!

    • Hey babe!! I didn’t even think about your point about Beyonce and J-Lo, but you’re absolutely right!!! It’s like extremely wealthy people saying, “oh money, it’s not a big deal, not so important.” The pics are full on creepy, but she’s huge now in Europe…and no one seems to be stopping her parents.

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