The Roaring Twenties

During these last hours of my twenties, I present to you the highlights of this past decade. I can bombard you with a load of romantic text, but who doesn’t prefer a sweet, tight list?  I’ll just say that I would change nothing about these past ten years, and have no doubt that the coming ten will be epic.

Age 20

My college roommates, experimentation, and some professors

Age 21

Party, party, party.  And the realization that the world owes me nothing

Age 22

Graduating from UC Berkeley and all the doors this name has opened

The lifelong, rippling effects of my summer trip to Israel

Starting a dream job alongside the best of mentors

Age 23

Burning Man

Traveling to the 3rd world

Age 24

Traveling around the entire US in an RV

Age 25

My Aliyah

Ulpan Gordon, the place where I discovered Hebrew, a community, and an extended family.

Hitting rock bottom, and then cleaning house

Age 26

Entering the digital marketing space, which has opened the flood gates of professional opportunities and fulfillment

Meeting my crew there, with whom I can always be my dirty nasty and crazy self

Age 27

The long, difficult, and perfect journey of true self-discovery

Age 28

Internalizing the power of projection, patience, gratitude, and the present

Falling in love with Yonatan

Age 29

Reclaiming my health

A promotion in my career and all of its potential.

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